Disturbed and Tricked – Ghost Story


By Lynn Victoria

This story happened to cousin of my friend, who later, related this story to me. Kara was staying at a hostel in one of the universities in Malaysia when this incident happened.

It was one hot night when Kara was woken up by her friend. Her friend wanted to go to the lavatory and wanted Kara to accompany her. So, she got up and followed her friend to the ladies.

As her friend was inside the toilet, Kara waited for her outside. Somehow, Kara started to have an eerie and peculiar feeling about everything and anything. Kara soon get the feeling that the girl inside was not her friend after all. She called out to her and told her that she's not feeling well and heading back to the room.

Suddenly, in a deep, hollow voice, her 'friend' in the toilet said, “Nak balik ke…? Dah tau ke…? (You want to go back now…? So, you know already…?)”

The 'friend' repeated this again and again but Kara fled back to her room before any harm could come to her.




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