Ehu Abzu- a Dedication Rite


This is a small Sumerian-based rite to invoke the power of the primeval source from which all things came and to which all things shall eventually return. Do not commit to this unless you are prepared to deal with the very source of all things, and know that you can be consumed by the chaos which it holds.

Like anything else, don't commit yourself to it unless you want it. Materials: incense, candles, and an altar (for preparation) sword (for rite, to project energy easier)

Preparation Rite:

set your altar up how you would for any preparation rite. use the purification ritual of your choice. meditate on your view of the Abzu until you feel almost at one with the feeling. then, you may proceed outdoors (a field would be best but anything available without disturbance will suffice) to where the rite will be.

Ehu Abzu:

under the dark moon at approximately 3AM, draw your sword and proclaim: ia abzu! ehu zi xul! invoke the feeling you attained in your preparation. zi dingir abzu ehu kanpa! ia zu zu ki ia zu zu an ia zu zu gir ia zu zu a ia zu zu zi amaushumgalanna ehu zi uruku peta abzu ehu peta kanpa! abzu erib kiangira! abzu erib kiangira! abzu erib kiangira!

I am your vessel, through me thou shalt do thy will! then slam sword into ground shouting: IA ABZU! and do not banish this rite for it would defeat the goal. 


EHU ABZU A Dedication Rite (Semi-Public Version) By Deacon Maskim


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