European Flying Snake

European Flying Snake : Flying Reptile of Southern Europe.

Physical description:

Length, 3–6 feet. Green, black, gray, or white. Sometimes said to have wings.


Moves along the ground in a straight line. Emits a peculiar vocalization.


Alpes-Maritimes Department, France; near Sarajevo, Bosnia; Bulgaria.

Significant sightings:

In 1930 or 1931, a green snake with wings frightened the mother of André Mellira in a forest near La Bollène-Vésubie, Alpes-Maritimes Department, France.

In Bulgaria in the summer of 1947, Hazel Göksu surprised a group of snakes 3–6 feet long on a footpath. With a peculiar cry, they flew into the air 6–9 feet above the ground toward a spring and vanished behind some trees.


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Mysterious Creatures – A Guide to Cryptozoology written by George M. Eberhart – Copyright © 2002 by George M. Eberhart