Eye Killers

Eye Killers are in Southwest Native American lore, monstrous demons who killed by staring at people without blinking. Eye Killers are a variation of Evil Eye lore.

According to lore, demons were born into the world when women became pregnant by using dildos. Twin Eye Killers, a male and a female, were born after a chief’s daughter impregnated herself with a prong from a sour cactus. When born, the Eye Killers were round and tapered at one end, and without limbs. As they grew, they developed owl’s heads, Serpent bodies, and huge, clawed paws. Killing lightning bolts flew from their eyes. It took all of the village shaman’s skill to exorcize the demons from the village.

The Eye Killers were a nearly invulnerable force. The only way people could stave them off was to build a fire. However, victims usually would be struck dead before they could make fires.

A hero named Monster Slayer decided he would kill the demons. He went to the cave where they lived and built a large fire in the entrance. Then he called out to the Eye Killers. When they appeared, he threw salt on the fire. The sparks forced the Eye Killers to shut their eyes for a few moments—long enough for the Monster Slayer to club them to death on their heads with his flint club.

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