Fingers of the hand


The position of the thumb shows us the subject’s current strength of will. We look to see how far away from the rest of the hand the thumb is held, making special note of cases where it has fallen inside the hand, or is held rigid at a 90 degree angle.

Any time the thumb has fallen inside the hand, the individual’s will has been broken. Their words and actions are not their own, but have been imposed upon them by another. At these times the subject must be handled gently, for they are likely to react to outside stimuli with anger or open hostility.

If you find your own thumb showing a broken will, review your recent thoughts and actions to see where you have “given up”. These patterns in ourselves can be difficult to spot at first, because we are acting in exactly the “correct” way in which we have been programmed.

In cases where the thumb is spread to its maximum angle and held so firm that it quivers, the subject has completely lost control of their temper, and will strike out violently at anything they feel stands in their way. As long as the thumb holds this position, no amount of reason or negotiation will have any effect on them.


The flexibility of the 1st knuckle of the thumb reveals how adaptable a person is to new situations and environments. In some cases the thumb is so flexible that it bends back beyond a 90 degree angle. This extreme flexibility is most visible when holding a pen for writing.

The greater the flexibility of the knuckle, the more adaptable the person is. In cases where the thumb will bend far back on itself, the individual will quickly and easily adjust to any new environment in which they find themself. They will not stop to first consider whether the change is beneficial or harmful – their love of new experiences is stronger than their good judgement.

This class of person will quickly outperform their peers, regardless of the morality of their actions. For this reason, owners of extremely flexible thumbs must exercise caution in choosing their friends. If associated with a group of philanthropists, they will improve more lives than their peers. If with a group of voluptuaries, they will exceed all others in their debauch.


Some hand positions show a constructive mental outlook, while other positions reveal a destructive mental focus. The most destructive hand position is when the index finger alone is extended. Most often the finger is pointed at another person, and is “waved” or “shaken” at them.

The Index Finger represents the Ego. By extending only the one finger and waving it about, the subject is directing only self-centered, egotistical thought patterns and behavior.

If you find your own index finger being pointed and shaken at another, be aware that your current attitude is judgemental and egocentric. Become aware that what we dislike in others reflects patterns that we ourselves are guilty of.