Tuatha Dé Danaan

Flidais is the beautiful goddess of deer, also known as “Fairy cattle.” She is a goddess of the forest, wild nature, and rampant, joyful sexuality. Flidais may go through thirty men a day–unless she has Fergus, who alone is able to satisfy her. (The feeling is mutual; allegedly Fergus needs seven women to replace Flidais. The only other one who can fulfill him is Maeve.)

Flidais is a spirit of abundance. She also owns a herd of magical cows: her prize cow gives enough milk daily to feed three hundred families. Flidais is the guardian of the forest, its trees and animals. She also allegedly has a soft spot for human outcasts; those marginalized by society; people who, once upon a time, would have been inclined to take shelter in the forest.


Flidais may appear in the guise of a beautiful, sexy woman or as a doe. She reputedly has beautiful hair.


Her chariot is pulled by deer.

Sacred animals: All forest animals, but especially deer


  • Artemis;
  • Diana;
  • Fairy;
  • Fergus;
  • Maeve;
  • Tuatha Dé Danaan


Encyclopedia of Spirits: The Ultimate Guide to the Magic of Fairies, Genies, Demons, Ghosts, Gods & Goddesses– Written by :Judika Illes Copyright © 2009 by Judika Illes.

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