The Fourth of the Scrolls of Ain – Good and Evil (the Farce Extreme)

1. Good and Evil are perceptions, not definite realities as reality is also solely a perception. Magick has nothing to do with “Good” and “Evil” and those who would say otherwise, say so because of their own faulty egotism and self-righteousness.

2. Egotism is the true evil! For one to find true inner peace, false egotism must be eradicated from the self.

3. Prayer and Worship are not facets of true spirituality. God is formless and mindless, and it is those whom worship him who dishonor him and are evil. We do not worship what others think is God, so they consider us “evil” and by their perception we are. However, for us to say yes, we are evil and dark, is to agree with their perception of God.

4. Good and Evil being perceptions and not truths, have no part in the lives of any real magickians. There is no truth!

The Fourth of the Scrolls of Ain – Good and Evil (The farce extreme) by Rev. Frederick Nagash

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