Frank-N-Steins Pub and Gasthaus

Frank-N-Steins Pub and Gasthaus

Some places simply look as though they should be haunted. Frank-N-Steins Pub & Gasthaus, with its castle-like façade accented with gargoyles, bats, and medieval torches, is one establishment that doesn’t disappoint. Perhaps spirits from corpses in what used to be Unger Mortuary next door were attracted to the lively atmosphere of a pub and chose to stay.

Starting out its business life as a small grocery in 1906, its next incarnation as public house stuck. Stein Pub became FrankN-Steins when a tavern owner named Frank bought it. Present owners Eulace and Ellen Morrison kept the intriguing name upon acquiring it in 2004. And what a suitable name it is as well, being in the downtown area of a German-settled community that boasts the largest Oktoberfest on the West Coast each September.

Ellen contacted Trail’s End Paranormal Society of Oregon to investigate the basis for patrons’ stories of a disappearing lady in the “Lottery Dungeon” and her own feelings of being watched when alone. Two investigations have produced EVP; electromagnetic field spikes; and images of Ectoplasmic mists, orbs, and an incredibly bright dancing orb. This energetic sphere of spirit energy chose to reveal itself in several frames during a late-night investigation on February 8, 2005, in the area of the pub used for karaoke, adjoining the small dance floor. Textured contrails are long enough to reveal several loops taken in its speedy path. EVP captured the same night revealed a whispering female voice saying, “I’m sorry,” and a louder “Yes,” when asked if there was a message to be given to a living person. More investigations and historical research is planned.

“Where’d that lady go?” asked a friend of Eulace’s one Sunday night just after closing. She’d seen a woman walk by the restrooms toward the bar and, when she looked again, she was gone. Convinced Eulace and some other friends were playing a trick on her, she checked all over the pub for the woman who must have been in on the prank, without success. It was when the realization came upon her she’d probably seen a ghost that she wished she’d taken more careful notice of details so she could describe the woman.

Written by — Sara Lessley Investigator, Newsletter & Website Editor, Trail’s End Paranormal Society of Oregon

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Encyclopedia of Haunted Places -Ghostly Locales from around the World – Compiled & Edited by Jeff Belanger – Copyright 2005 by Jeff Belanger

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