Friendly Ghosts – Ghost Story

Many are afraid of ghosts, yet some ghosts are actually harmless, if not friendly. My uncle's experience tells it all.

My uncle had stayed in Kuala Lumpur since he started studying there. He rented a three-bedroom house after consulted a bomoh (a traditional Malay witch doctor).

The bomoh told my uncle that the house is not very “clean” because there are three spirits, two females and a male, living in it. However, he said the spirits are harmless unless they are being provoked. However, he told my uncle to be extra careful with the ghost in the last room as the spirit did not die peacefully.

My uncle took the bomoh's advice and tried his best not to offend the spirits. Every time my uncle eat he will prepare some extra food as an offering for them. Consequently, they became very friendly with my uncle and his wife.

Once, my aunt was boiling water on the stove when she fell asleep. Nobody was around but when she woke up and rushed to the kitchen, the gas had been turned off. In several other occasions too that the ghosts had helped them.

Perhaps if we are friendly to the ghosts and do not offend them, they are not that harmful after all.

By Klinsmann of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



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