Gran Hotel Viena

Gran Hotel Viena (Argentina)

Located in Cordoba, the hotel was built in the 1940´s with the purpose to host many European tourists. A few years later the hotel closed in 1947 and was reopened in 1962, although again, it didn’t last long and closed in 1970. In 1977, the area was destroyed by a flood and some families who had lost their houses had obtained authorization from the government to stay at the abandoned Gran Hotel Viena. After they moved, they were the first witnesses to confirm there were other guests besides them, but these guests were not from our world anymore.

According to many testimonies, there are at least two ghosts. One of these ghosts is a security guard who has appeared in some tourists´ pictures with his distinctive moustache, and some people have even reported hearing the sound of his keys as well as his steps around the hotel. The other ghost is supposedly his non-official lover who disappeared in the hotel back in the 1940´s. They now run day and night tours (nocturnal tours without lights), and lots of visitors claim to have experienced paranormal activities in this place full of mystery… and ghosts.