Hong Kong Hotel – Ghost Story

This story happened in a small hotel in Penang, Malaysia. The building was converted from an old double-storey detached house into what is known as the Hong Kong Hotel today. As most other pre-war buildings, the upper floor is made of planks instead of concrete.

Once, there was this middle age lady who stayed in this hotel with her husband. Mr and Mrs Chung was given a room on the upper floor. They settled in and soon retire into their bed. At about 3 AM, Mrs Chung was awakened by noises in the room.

She opened her eyes and found nobody other than her husband, who is sound asleep beside her, in the room. The noises continued. Then it sounded to her like someone was dragging some chains around the room. Mrs Chung was paralysed with fear.

She could follow the trail of the sound around the room. She woke her husband up but did not say anything about the noise. Evidently, her husband could not hear the sound. She demanded that they get a room change at once. Her husband knew something was wrong from her expression so he obliged.

While on the way to the reception, she told her husband what she heard. He said he didn't hear anything but he believed her. He tried to calm her down.

The receptionist told them that all the other rooms were out except the one right underneath their present room. What surprised them most was that the receptionist did not ask for any reason when they requested for a room change in the middle of the night. It was like he knew something was amiss with that room.

They moved into their new room immediately. They were about to fall asleep when Mrs Chung heard some noises again. This time, it was the sound of someone dragging something right on top of them!

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