How to Make a Bowl for Flame Tasks

How to Make a Bowl for Flame Tasks

Personally, I prefer to use clay since I am an earth symbol. But, metal can work (ouch hot!), wood (flammable), glass (hot once again), so like I said clay will work. I made mine from hand and kilned it myself on a outing into the forests. You can inscribe sigils and what have you on it. These all will add up to the desired effect so make sure you inscribe good ones. Procure some parchment paper, its expensive yes, but it burns good. Procure a candle, preferably black or whatever color if your personal favourite. Get some cool incense you just love or really repulses you. Now, take some of the parchment and burn it, like 3 pieces is good. Just put all the ashes in the bowl and crumble them up. You may want to write sigils on there. Now, this is the part that you have to do right. Have a half piece of paper ready in your hand, and the candle and start to really pour the wax into the ashes, remember try and keep the wax there hot don't let it solidify. After you got a good amount, dip the paper in your other hand in really good. You wont get it all at first, so just tear off what you did manage to get dipped in wax. Try also not to make the wax coating too heavy, a light coat will suffice.

Once finished with all the paper you want or need, cut it into small pieces. Empty the ashes out of the bowl and place the newly cut pieces in (I'd put like cedar or other wood chips in also, shaved down, for extra firepower). Put some incense in if you want and light it up. This will burn for a good amount of time and when you start doing your thing, that fire will dance around and have a “good ol' time”. This has many purposes, think of your own!!!

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