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The Seal of Icosiel
The Seal of Icosiel

The Demon and Aerial Spirit Icosiel is the sixth of these wandering princes, who has 100 Dukes and 300 companions besides other servants which are more inferior whereof we have taken 15 of the chief Dukes for Practice they being sufficient.

They have 2200 servants to attend them. They are all of a good nature and will do what they are commanded. They appear most commonly in houses because they delight most therein. They are to be called in the 24 hours of the day and night: That is to divide the 24 hours into fifteen parts according to the number of the spirits, beginning with the first at Sunrise and with the last at Sun rising next day.

The 15 dukes:

  • Machariel
  • Pischiel
  • Thanatiel
  • Zosiel
  • Agapiel
  • Larphiel
  • Amediel
  • Cambriel
  • Nathriel
  • Zachariel
  • Athesiel
  • Cumariel
  • Munefiel
  • Heresiel
  • Urbaniel

The Conjuration of Icosiel :

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