An incantation is a formula of words that are spoken or sung for a specific magical purpose. Incantations are part of the casting of Spells.

Many folk magic incantations have Christian elements, such as the following for stopping a snake:

“Woman the seed shall thread, snake the seed in until fall. I command! Snake, I stop you, with God’s words so powerful, that you shall lie paralyzed for me until I release you again. With Christ and Paul’s hand, freeze! You cannot injure! In the name of the Trinity.” Then say the Lord’s Prayer.

Some incantations invoke both holy names and the names of Demons, such as the following for protecting hidden goods:

“In Jesus’s name! These goods that lie here concealed and that are hidden by people, I claim them with three bands that have three names: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Yes! I have the power with the word of God. I compel and exhort you, Hells’ eight princes, who are: Lucifer, Belsebub, Astaroht, Satanas, Anubes, Dyrttianus, Drakeus, Belial, that you depart from here with all your company. Let these goods come into human hands. After saying this, I stamp my foot. Jesus! who is God’s and Mary’s son. I strengthen my courage to take these goods in the holy and blessed name of God. I now take these goods with my hand, in the holy and blessed name of God. In the name of the Holy Trinity.” Then say the Lord’s Prayer.

In ceremonial magic, incantations are to be spoken or vibrated with as much intensity as possible so that the magician feels the words in the body and visualizes them as well. The incantations are projected into etheric space.

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