Nooristan is a province located in the Hindu Kush mountain range and populated by descendents of Alexander the Greek’s troops. Previously called Kafiristan, (Land of the Nonbelievers or Land of the Infidels), the province was renamed Nooristan, meaning Land of Light or Land of the Enlightened following its forced conversion to Islam in 1895. Previously a traditional Pagan religion was practiced.

Kshumai is among the primary pre-Islamic Nooristani goddesses. She rules rain and precipitation and hence the harvest. Kshumai, a goat goddess, introduced goats to people, which provides them with wool and milk, survival needs in a harsh, remote climate.

Kshumai is a goddess of wild nature. She lives on Tirich Mir, the highest peak in the Hindu Kush, now in northern Pakistan. She manifests to people near lakes by the mountain. Kshumai has her own flock of goats. Tossing her long breasts over her shoulder, she sits down to milk them: to witness Kshumai milking her goats is to receive the blessings of the goddess.


Nooristan (Afghanistan)


Kshumai may manifest as a woman or a wild mountain goat


Kshumai traditionally receives gifts of the first harvest, especially grapes


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