Liber Magicka, an Overview

LIBER MagicKA, An Overview

With Rev. Satrinah Nagash Satrinah> Class time Satrinah> Ok, this class is about LIBER MagicKA. Satrinah> Has everyone here read it?. |XUL|> yep Satrinah> .12I am going to go over it in its sections.. Satrinah> .12Principia Magicka – Magickal practice should not be confined to simply ritual or ceremonial it should be made very personal and not solely defined by one man or women’s perception. Magick should become a tailored art to fit personal lifestyles and individuals and should never be boring or repetitive. Certain forms of traditional magickal practice exist solely in the human subconscious and can not be put into words. Certain daily rituals we perform every morning can. Satrinah> .12can be considered magickal such as certain people need to drink coffee to feel complete in the morning and some may need to get washed and dressed before even stepping outside of the bedroom all of which make a day feel or seem complete.. Necro666> did i miss anything? Necro666> 🙁 Satrinah> Everyone understand that?. |XUL|> got it Vorphalack> yep Satrinah> .12Magick should not be confined to a ritual chamber either, it should be where ever you see fit, mental or psychic magick should and is performed everyday sometimes without you realizing it. The Evil eye which makes others feel uncomfortable is one way of using magick without using magick.. Satrinah> .12Chaos magick is a complete system of magickal practice, yet so is what ever one creates him/herself. For magick to be accomplished “properly” one need only look at their accomplishments and realize that magick has played some key role in it’s development. Once true magickal potential is realized there is no stopping the unstoppable force within you.. BobSagget> true thou an area of regular practice Satrinah> Any questions?. |XUL|> none

Satrinah> Magicka Extremis – Magick is an art form within itself, and within every art form their is the artist. You play the key role in how far you take your magickal progress, only you can define you. Using certain elements from daily practice can lead you to ritual magick later in the evening.. Satrinah> Such acts are “perfect” if done whole heartedly and without doubt. Every day of your life a ritual is performed, you wake up, start your day, wind down in the late afternoon than sleep at night. To break such rituals is yet another magickal act known as “Metamorphosis” by drawing from this rite it may lead you to yet another facet of magick, Gnosis.. Satrinah> Gnosis is used as a form of trance like state the magickian can move into when depravation of certain kind happens.. Esos_the_Great> Q! Esos_the_Great> can move into or is forced into by the deprivations? Satrinah> Esos, it is both. Satrinah> you can force these deprivations, or you can say, quit smoking and deprivation jsut happens by the metamorphosis, or change…. Satrinah> the change you make in your lifestyle will cause one deprivation or another,. Satrinah> but depending on that change is if it will take you to gnosis or now. Esos_the_Great> what kind of change:) Satrinah> any change you make. Satrinah> any other questions?. Esos_the_Great> nuh uh Satrinah> Going days without sleep is one way to reach the state of Gnosis, going days without eating is another. Also Gnosis can be reached at any point in which pain becomes unbearable. To reach gnosis simply concentrate on nothing and completely clear your thoughts, like passing through the head of a needle.. Vorphalack> not at the moment Satrinah> The two methods combined equals the state of gnosis. Clearing your mind of all things is the most difficult of all things in magickal practice, your mind races day to day with a million thoughts and stopping them is hard and takes practice.. Satrinah> Meditation can also lead to Gnosis by someone whom is very experienced in it. Necro666> how do you know if you have reached gnosis Satrinah> Also a deep understanding of concentration is needed to perform magick acts. You must be able to focus, Visualize and concentrate without looking. This too is a very difficult task but becomes second nature in time. Satrinah> Necro, you just know, you will feel it…. Esos_the_Great> it's that feeling when you forget that you are attatched to a body 🙂 Satrinah> you never forget…. Satrinah> at least i dont. Satrinah> it has been called many names throughout history but my favorite is the Evil Eye.. Satrinah> =). Necro666> so it is magcik by simple thought?

Satrinah> in a sense necro. Necro666> niiiice Satrinah> ok, moving on. Vorphalack> IMHO magick is always by “simple thought” Necro666> IMHO? Satrinah> How to deliver the Evil Eye…Now, dont get this the wrong way, this is not only for 'bad' purposes only. Satrinah> it iThe Evil Eye should be used to make others feel disturbed in your presence. Also a good use for the Evil Eye is if a confrontation is to ensue it will instantly strike fear in those whom would wish you harm.. Esos_the_Great> I get laughed at when I try that Satrinah> Also, it can make others feel at home with you when positive energy is sent. Esos_the_Great> any hints? Satrinah> what do you mean you get laughed at…. Vorphalack> Necro666: IMHO = in my humble opinion Satrinah> The best way to learn the Evil Eye is to sit with your hands in your lap in front of a mirror with one lit black candle in front of you. Stare through the flame of the candle into the mirror and through your own eyes without blinking. Necro666> Satrinah, I did that…. I just saw my face turn into many other faces… really interesting Satrinah> ok, moving on. Satrinah> Focus hard on your pupils then attempt to zone out or reach the gnosis state, when you reach this state of nothingness you have stared through your own eyes. In time you will gain the instant power to use the Evil Eye at will.. Satrinah> In all things in magick being careful and responsible are the two prime laws.. Anthropomorphic> also appearance and relation plays a big part in it as well Satrinah> yes true…=). Satrinah> Ok, moving on. Satrinah> Black vs. White…Magickally. Satrinah> To the true Magickian magick has no limits or boundaries and cannot be classified under any one practice. White magick is supposedly magick done without ill intent and never for the gratification of solely oneself. I ask you by performing a healing ritual to some it may be white magick however you also are gratified in the knowledge that you helped someone therefore the theories of White Magick are without a doubt “Black”.. Satrinah> Black Magick is supposedly magick done with an ill intent and for the sole purpose of gratifying ones self. I ask again if conjuring a Demon to protect your family from the greater evil of humanity or to destroy someone who would hurt you or a family members, is this evil or is it truly white?. Satrinah> any questions?. Esos_the_Great> so why classify? ^Jesse^> cause wiccans are just like xtians Satrinah> this is showing you that the classifications are nothing.

* Vorphalack thinks its the right hand path who needs classifying.. * ^Jesse^ agrees with vorph Necro666> agrees Satrinah> we as strong willed powerful incarnate should not concern ourselves with black and white only what is in our heart. If magick is done from the heart, It will never fail and will be as pure as the driven snow weather dealing with Demons or a god. It is up to the magickian on what he studies but there should be no limits on what is black or white or evil and good. We are pure beings during magick we are purified in the. Vorphalack> they need it to say “were good, all others are bad…” Satrinah> the image of our own divinity and therefore if we do our “will” cannot be harmed and our magick will pure.. Satrinah> any questions. Esos_the_Great> interesting theory… Satrinah> it is truth, not just a theory. ^Jesse^> nope, you explained it well Esos_the_Great> yet you choose to reject chakras, christian philosophy, based on it's origin alone? Satrinah> not entirely. Necro666> yes Satrinah> to us it is differnt. ^Jesse^> esos, no not its origins, its teachings Satrinah> basically, what works for you is what you should do…. Necro666> how will the world be at your feet by the Evil Eye… What is the strongest effect it can hold? Satrinah> the philosophy behind those is what we reject, not th magick itself. Satrinah> necro, it can hve very strong effects…. Necro666> satr… Such as, what are most of the effects besides the ones just listed above Satrinah> the effects are endless, for love destruction, for anythign. Anthropomorphic> i look like a big ugly ole biker and it works as a social filter, only those who think they are tougher and those who don't care about outward looks can get to know me the rest hide like mice in the shadows of their own fears Satrinah> exactly anth. Esos_the_Great> hehe Esos_the_Great> I like bikers, there are always chicks around… 🙂 Esos_the_Great> How old are you anth? Vorphalack> it makes yourself feeling stronger as you see others gettin scared, even if they thought they are stronger than you Satrinah> esos, that is not a reason to hang iwth bikers. for chick, most of them are spoken for…. Necro666> He does

Anthropomorphic> i can't give my son the Evil Eye because he laughs, he knows i would never hurt him..other that don't know me shake in the light of my Evil Eye and the mystery of the unknown that lies behind the eyes of the stranger Necro666> but he looks more Like Jesus as a Biker.. LoL Satrinah> yes vorph. Satrinah> you wont scare me anth. |XUL|> me neither Anthropomorphic> LOL |XUL|> yr a teddy bear |XUL|> j/k Satrinah> =) Satrinah> anyways…. Satrinah> on with class…anymore qustions. Anthropomorphic> for those who know me and that i give responsibility too, but those who cross me need fear me..but since i don't have the problem with you then we can play and joke around because you have earned that responsibility 🙂 and visa versa Satrinah> Terminology…. Necro666> Couldnt scare me.. Id just laugh Satrinah> Warlock was a term given to male witches during the “Burning Times” it literally means “Oath Breaker”, all true Magickians will never break a bond or oath and therefore are loyal to one another and themselves. Pagan was another term given derogatorily to all witches meaning “Country Dweller” I will not recognize the term Pagan either as it was given in a derogatory manner by the uninitiated.. Satrinah> The Term “witch” is not simply a female term, a witch is simply one whom weaves magick same goes with sorcerer, magi and magus.. Satrinah> any questions?. Esos_the_Great> so it is derrogatory to accept the title of Worlock? |XUL|> unless yr a liar… Satrinah> yup. Necro666> what if one just like the word but not the meaning? Satrinah> then it would, in my opinion, be hypocritical. |XUL|> mine too Vorphalack> agree Esos_the_Great> not mine, I've always liked and I dentified with the word Anthropomorphic> well to wiccans it would be a fitting name for you esos * Anthropomorphic chuckles |XUL|> hehehe Satrinah> but taking that word on, would mean that you were an oath breaker, and a liar.

Satrinah> to those of us who reject that word. |XUL|> yep Esos_the_Great> or that you don't wish people to take you seriously Esos_the_Great> therefore you become as a snake in the grass Satrinah> it is better than ppl do take you seriously,. Satrinah> then you wont have problems…. Satrinah> honesty is good. |XUL|> agreed again Vorphalack> yep Satrinah> so, what you are saying esos, and now i understand why, you like the the term warlock, becuz you lie to ppl about what you are…. Satrinah> it makes sense now. |XUL|> hmmm interesting Satrinah> therefore, causing more problems then solving them.. Esos_the_Great> okay Esos_the_Great> well, thanks for the compliment… Esos_the_Great> 🙂 Satrinah> that is not a compliment. Esos_the_Great> I was being sarcastic Satrinah> oh…. Satrinah> well, icant hear sarcasm on a puter. Esos_the_Great> I took offence, just didn't feel like fighting Esos_the_Great> I know that Satrinah> you cant fight me…. Esos_the_Great> didn't say I could, did I? Telarian> lol Satrinah> you said you just didnt feel like fightnig, so that means that the thought was in your head to do so…. Esos_the_Great> maybe the reason I didn't feel like it was because I didn't think I would win Esos_the_Great> thought ever cross your mind? Satrinah> Well, no, you knew you couldnt win. Esos_the_Great> so what's the deal with the insult? Satrinah> the term warlock is an insult. Esos_the_Great> on what pretense do you say that I like to lie, or pretend to be what I am not?

Esos_the_Great> when have I done so? Satrinah> you said you like to be a snake in the grass, rather than be upfront about what you are…that is a form oflying…. Satrinah> moving on with class…. Satrinah> Lucifer beyond Lucifer Satrinah> Lucifer is an incarnate being of many cultures and beliefs. Manifestation of Lucifer can said to have taken place in almost all cultures of ancient society. Pan the God of the Pagans, The Nature god is also a great spirit whom came to be known as Lucifer. Marduk, the great slayer of the ancient ones, the anciet ones whom were the first of all gods Marduk defied. Marduk has come to be known as Lucifer. The point im trying to get at is in magick. Satrinah> no matter what deity one uses or calls on for assistance there is that spark of Lucifer. You conjure the oldest of spirits and it is Lucifer so in fact the use of any other spirits in ritual can be most helpfull as they may hold certain attributes which the Lucifer incarnate does not have currently.. Satrinah> any questions?. Esos_the_Great> where does god fit in? * |XUL| looks at own ass |XUL|> not here Satrinah> god doesnt fit in. Satrinah> god was not even mentioned. Vorphalack> who is that, god? |XUL|> its a title not a name Satrinah> it is what you make it'03 Vorphalack> than its me 😉 Satrinah> basically, in a few words, magick is what you make of it, and if it is true in your heart, it is true in RL. Satrinah> any more questions?. Satrinah> well, class is over now…then.

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