Luciferian Philosophy

Luciferian beliefs are not those of ‘devil worshippers’ or those claiming to practice wicca or have carrots for noses. Luciferians believe that the text of the bible has value. It is their conviction that the tales in the bible are a collection of myths legends and what have you that have survived through time from almost every ancient culture there ever was. At least, this is what they hold concerning the Old Testament.

The New Testament and the christian faith, they completely despise as a perverted and devalued form of their own traditions and teachings. Each of Jesus’ miracles, parables, deeds, even his crucifixion and resurrection they claim is a perversion of their more “esoteric” understanding of the imagery and natural fulfilment of the Old Testament content.

They are not Jews, and the only god they believe in is an illumined individual, themselves. Everyone that has no understanding of these ‘craft’ and traditions is worse than that which the Jews themselves call “goyim”. In their own words we are cattle, even sheep. Sheep follow blindly, are incredibly stupid, exist to be sheered and then finally slaughtered.

So, with regard to their beliefs, consider again the temptation of Eve by the serpent. Initially the obvious appearance is that this is bad. The hidden (occult) meaning is one of success. (occult simply means hidden).

So, a couple of definitions.

The EXOTERIC meaning of a passage is that which obviously presents itself.

The ESOTERIC meaning of a passage is an underlying hidden meaning only alluded to and realised by those “in the know”. Such knowledge is passed on hidden in traditions, rituals and practices and only finally explained to the ‘illuminated’ few.

The supposed exoteric meaning of the temptation by the serpent every Christian should know. The esoteric is way way different. Despite the fact that luciferianism does not admit the existence of any ‘God’ as Christians would understand, the story of the temptation is roughly as…

Imprisoned within a nature that can supply the mechanical needs of the flesh, early man and woman lived imprisoned by a vengeful arrogant and unreasonable god. Unable to realise their true potential and better themselves by their imprisoned intellect, the serpent, the agent of lucifer helps them break from their animal existence by opening their eyes and intellects so that they might hunt, farm, invent, innovate, read, write, preserve, pass on and expand etc; their knowledge of good and evil. It is the luciferian ideal that man should be able to freely practice either good or evil. These as concepts whether practiced or no are evidence of innovation and if a person understands it is an evil act they should not be punished for it, but rather a fitting use for the person should be provided them. Stupid people who believe in fairy tale religions and absolutes are resistant to progress and change and so should be excluded from existence.

The ‘god’ is opposed to order, and chaotic, to be feared. The unknown is probably the closest allegory in this tale. The serpent as agent for lucifer, who is often referred to in masonic tradition as the “great architect” is not the creator at all, but the original illuminated one It is supposed to be his way to illumination that can be attained, though it is also tradition that this ‘way’ has been lost. It is supposedly kept within tradition, but the truth is that there never will be a way for man to increase his own intellectual prowess in his own lifetime to super human levels. The story this way is more a “great plan” hence the architect’s name. It took a long time, and will continue to by the theory of evolution. In truth, the common misconception that the tree’s fruit is magical would seem to imply there is at least something to consider concerning this. The words of the serpent on the fruit as “opening the eyes” and “making us as gods knowing both good and evil” are crap, the truth is that these are lies of Satan.

The other side to the coin of this belief of the temptation being a “rescue”, is that men and women aren’t free until they conquer their own taboos, (not their lusts) To be free, they must learn that the ultimate authority is any thing they can make it. It is not a god’s place to say what is wrong and right to individuals who find their freedom in doing whatever the hell they feel like. the only thing they should feel forbidden is something they haven’t done yet, and therefore wont have been forbidden it after they have.

There is an underlying mechanism of corrupt reason that tricks the brain into contemplating these twists of scripture, giving them any time at all. Without the fault being that which is considered, only the effect of the fault, it is hard to pin down and doing it on the fly in conversations either involves superhuman insight or divine intervention. The bible teaches us rather to use scripture – many people will walk off or stop talking, but its the easier method. It works best on Christians.

Things get turned around too easily in the mind. We consider just as easily the logical negative and make our choice of the two. However, we do not just consider the logical, but the illogical as well. If our logical assumptions are drawn on this implies that, and we choose A or B. So just as likely do we consider that implies this much like a cow error. In the example of the beguiling of Eve, she saw that the fruit was “Good for food and to be desired to make one wise.” Since neither of these is at all true, she was taking the words of the serpent as that to reason from. The serpent said “Did not God say that ye may eat of any tree in the garden?” Eve was tricked into deciding whether to A) eat or B) not eat, by reasoning from the serpent’s lie. In this respect she was unfortunately deceived with a “cow error”

Just as daft is the black mass effect. Far from being anything to do with physics, the black mass is associated with the practice of witchcraft. The “black mass” is simply the roman catholic mass said in reverse. However, if reversing something is the way to making it worse, then surely reversing it to the roman mass is worse still! It is quite fun to use a web utility to translate from English to another language and then back again with funny results, but this is not the point of the black mass, it rather represents the foolishness of reasoning incorrectly and its most likely esoteric mean9ing to witches is with regards to the beguiling of Eve.

My cow goes meow…A cow error is like “It is a cow IMPLIES it has four legs” – correct. “It has four legs IMPLIES it is a cow” – incorrect. The beguiling of Eve takes this and mixes it with something we know well. that cats go meow. “Cats have four legs IMPLIES cats are cows.” – Therefore cows go meow.