Luciferianism: Religion of Liberation

The term religion, is well misunderstood by most. Religion is simply philosophy in practice, in everyday life. Religion is often also known as being spiritual. Luciferians are spiritual, even if they don't believe in a manifested spirit.

Spiritualism comes from the Self-Realization and responsible action, as all things in your universe are a manifestation of the will. Luciferians are responsible Social Realists, which shows a root within a spiritual compound.

Morality and spirituality are what Luciferianism is and was founded on. Morals will vary from person to person. However, whatever fulfills one spiritually or internally, is indeed a work of their morals.

Liberation is the cornerstone of Luciferianism. Liberation of the entire self. Liberation of the spirit, will and mind, total freedom of the self in purest form of Luciferic expression. While all other religions deny liberation, we are the embodiment of it.

Responsibility must also be stressed when speaking of liberation. Responsibility is learned once one realizes all things, bad or good, that happens in one's life is his own doing. There is no retarded “three-fold law” or “leash” to chain us down like dogs.

However, if one needs money, get a job. If one is unhappy at work, change jobs to something more pleasing. Never blame others for problems in your life.

The acknowledgment of the ego in magick is really the only difference between supposed “black Luciferic” magick and white magick. In reality, when a white Magickian heals someone, they feel good inside, hence, why they do it. Even if white magickians deny it, they also use magick with ego. Magick is just magick. To label it “black” or “white” is folly.

Magickal Law, much like human nature, is universal. Luciferianism focuses on Self-Realization, Self-Deification and Self-Cultivation, and is by nature, solitary. Though Luciferianism is solitary, group practice is encouraged, so one can meet others in the same religion and learn from one another.

Lucifer, being a bringer of wisdom, would best be represented through others who have a constant thirst for knowledge. A burning passion for life is what drives us toward our studies and magickal perfection. Through solitary practice, I've learned more about myself and am able to see myself for the first time.

Through group practice, I've learned much more about religion and all forms of magick.

Being a Luciferian is much, much more than a title or a label. It is towards the totality of all forms of liberation. It is the intentional act of Self-Accusation and final perfection. There is a life long dedication to the self and to wisdom for one to be called a Luciferian.

False emotion and martyrdom must be eradicated, as well as false egotism for one to be called a Luciferian. Finally, the term Luciferian can never be given to one with the following attributes:

Someone who speaks without action.
Someone who blames others for their own faults.
Someone who has no thirst of life or knowledge.
Someone who cares little about them self.
Someone who is afraid or hesitant of total liberation.
Someone who thinks Luciferianism is their way or no way.
Luciferianism and Luciferic Thought should never be systematized or standardized to the point of alienation of individual thought. Someone who thinks that they're “evil”.

Evil and Good are creations of Christianity, not of individual thought. Someone who feels as though they need to talk, act or dress a certain way. Someone who feels the world treats them so horribly so in turn they adapt the I don't care about anything attitude “Apathy”.

By Rev. Frederick Nagash



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