Maseriel is a Demon among the 31 Aerial Spirits of Solomon.

Maseriel is the eighth spirit in order but the fourth under the Emperor of the South, who rules as king in the Dominion of the West and by South, and has a great number of princes and servants under him, to attend him, whereof we shall make mention of 12 of the chief Dukes that attend him in the day time, and 12 that attend him to do his will in the night time, which is sufficient for practice.

They are all good by nature and willingly will do your will in all things. Those that are for the day, are to be called in the day, and those for the night in the night. They each have 30 servants apiece to attend them.

The 12 major daytime dukes are :

  • Mahue
  • Roriel
  • Earviel
  • Zeriel
  • Atniel
  • Vessur
  • Azimel
  • Chasor
  • Patiel
  • Assuel
  • Aliel
  • Espoel

The 12 major nighttime dukes are :

  • Arach
  • Maras
  • Noguiel
  • Saemiet
  • Amoyr
  • Bachile
  • Baros
  • Ellet
  • Earos
  • Rabiel
  • Atriel
  • Salvor

The Conjuration of Maseriel :

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