Missing Time – Budd Hopkins

Missing Time - Budd HopkinsThe arrival of extraterrestrial visitors is one of the most momentous events of our time. In Intruders Budd Hopkins explored the shocking truth about the contact between earthling and alien: that human beings are temporarily abducted and taken aboard UFOs. But Hopkins could not have told the stories of those victims without first having discovered the one experience common to all who report alien encounters — the phenomenon known as “missing time.”

Missing time tells how the people who have experienced abductions retained no memory of them — all traces of the trauma were effectively erased from their memory. Yet, under hypnosis, many abductees were able to recall in vivid, convincing detail, the harrowing experiments that left mysterious scars on their bodies, the eerie interiors of UFOs where they were held captive, and the astonishing faces of their alien hosts.

The stories of seven victims of these otherworldly intruders are told her — in detail at once dispassionate and dramatic, fully supported by scientific documentation. They are stories that could belong to anyone: your neighbours, your loved ones, even you.

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Missing Time - Budd Hopkins

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