The Fates



The Moirae live together in a cave by a spring from which white water gushes. They are the original Fates, Goddesses of Destiny. In Greek, moira indicated a portion, lot or share. The Moirae determined one’s allotted portion or fate. They are eternal and were once considered even more powerful than the gods. Their names are:

• Lachesis

• Clotho or Klotho

• Atropos

The Moirae represent the waxing, full and waning moons: creation, existence and destruction, birth, life and death. Clotho the Spinner puts the wool around a spindle. Her sister Lachesis the Sustainer measures the thread and spins the wool. Atropos the Cutter snips the spun thread.

The Moirae are usually described as daughters of Nyx. An alternative genealogy describes them as daughters of Themis and Zeus, perhaps as a way to make them subject to Zeus.


They are described as wearing white

Atropos is the oldest, smallest, and most powerful of the Moirae. The potentially deadly alkaloid atropine is named in her honor.


Brass pestle as well as a spindle, scroll and scales




Fates (1); Fates (2); Kali; Nyx; Persephone; Polyboea; Shiva; Themis; Zeus


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