Neo Tiew Estate

Deep within the recesses of the Lim Chu Kang area lies an abandoned HDB estate that’s probably the closest thing Singapore has to its very own Chernobyl. The pictures are pretty creepy, to be honest. The area is currently being used by the SAF to conduct Urban Warfare training. They have since undergone a new coat of paint after being put in the spotlight again from our 52 things to do in Singapore article.

The Legend:

The king of the banana trees was apparently planted here and someone, looking to strike gold, prayed to the banana tree hoping to win the lottery. He threatened the king by sticking 7 needles in the tree and when it worked, he ran off with the cash and forgot to take the pins out.

The banana tree died and the spirit of the king lingered on, and continues to haunt the area to this day. Lim Chu Kang estate residents sometimes claim to have seen female banana tree spirits, or pontianak, appearing outside apartment windows – hunting for victims to mutilate and devour.

Another urban legend tells of taxi drivers picking up a lady in white or red, who then requests a trip to Lim Chu Kang Cemetery or Kranji. Upon reaching the destination, the drivers get the fright of their lives when they count “hell notes” in their final payment!

When all’s said and done, however, I’d say the scariness of this place lies in the look more than in the story. There probably isn’t much to actually fear here.