Nodens – The Cloud Maker; He Who Bestows Wealth

Nodens is a spirit of healing and the sea. Little is now known of him: what is known has largely been pieced together from archaeological evidence and inscriptions. Nodens may or may not be the same as Nuada. The Romans identified him with Mars, Mercury, Neptune, and Sylvanus, indicating his versatility and his inability to be pigeon-holed.

He was venerated at a temple complex and healing sanctuary on the banks of England’s Severn River. Nodens specialized in healing eye ailments. The shrine seems to have contained a dormitory for incubating healing dreams and visions. Nodens is among those spirits whose name is invoked on curse tablets, an ancient magic ritual by which petitioners could request that a deity deliver vengeance or justice, depending upon perspective.

Arthur Machen, the influential Welsh author, mystic, and member of the esoteric society the Golden Dawn, described Nodens as “the god of the Great Deep or Abyss” in his controversial 1894 novella, The Great God Pan.






Dog (images found at his shrine are identifiable as deerhounds)

Sacred site:

Nodens had a healing sanctuary/ temple in Lydney Park on the banks of the Severn River in Gloucestershire, England. He may also have had a shrine in Lancaster.


Nodens was offered votive images of dogs.


  • Mercury
  • Neptune
  • Nuada
  • Sylvanus


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