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Story 1

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So as granny told it…

“Up in Vermont, where the winters get cold and many feet of snow falling up in the mountains where we lived was normal, One winter about 1951 or 52, when your step-father was just 5 or 6 years old, Grandpa took the tractor out to check the pastures and cattle.

The night before had been a big blow over, settling snow all the way up to the second story windows for as far as the eye could see. To get out of the house that morning, Grandpa had to climb out the front bedroom window and walk to the top of the bar loft, where we threw down the hay.

He had a gurney set up to raise the tractor from the bottom floor up to the second story hay throw for just such a snow fall.

Now Alan and I were down in the kitchen on the first floor about lunch time, preparing a mid-day meal. I had been vexed all morning, having to climb the stairs to the second story and climb out the window to get wood from a high stockpile since the kitchen door was solidly snowed shut.

All the sudden the kitchen door blew open and a man in a long, dark, old fashioned overcoat stepped into the kitchen. He said “Your husband has fallen into a snow fallow and is dying. You must go to him now!” The man opened the door, stepped back out and shut the door.

Now I was in a awful rush, knowing what the man had said was true deep in my heart. I grabbed Alan and our over coats and opened the back kitchen door, ready to run out. The same door the man had used moments before was a solid wall of Ice and Snow..as it had been all day!

I ran up the stairs and out the front window with Alan and hustled to the south pasture where I knew his Grandpa would be. He always told me exactly which field he would be working in case of emergency.

When I got there all I could see was the large back tires of the old ford tractor, sticking out of a snowbank, upside down. Alan and I started digging around the outside of the tractor. When we got down to Pa, he was seconds from being suffocated. If I had waited to look till after he didn't come home for noon supper, he would have died.

The man was a ghost or an angel or something..but without him I never would have saved Pa.” Or so said My Great-Grandmother to her dying day.



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