Old and Haunted – Ghost Story

Now living in California, I was from the Philippines. These are just some of the lesser supernatural things that happened during my early years in the Philippines.

My family owned this really old house and like most old houses, this one was known to be haunted. I'll number the experiences below:

One night our housekeeper was walking down the hall when she saw a woman dressed in white and was sort of glowing. The woman went down the stairs and walked through a door. Once she passed the door, our housekeeper ran to the door and opened it. It was the closet but no one was inside!

My mom said she was changing my diapers (yeah, I was that young). After she took the dirty one off and reached for the clean one, she looked back at me to put the new one on. However I already had one on!

My cousin and I were in one of the rooms inside the house. On the wall, there was a picture. When we first saw it, it was in black and white. We just looked away for about 2 seconds, and it became coloured! I wasn't seeing things; I know what I saw.

Strange things continued to happen even after my family sold the place. The new owner turned the house into some sort of hostel. One day, a guy came in after having a great time at the bar. I can't remember how exactly the way this went but I think the guy saw this white, sort of glowing object over his head. Last I remember, he just passed out. It was probably the woman our housekeeper saw earlier.

16 July 1998 – Story by Steve – Edited by Will Ong