Ouija Experience – Ghost Story

While in college, I worked as a Residency Assistant on the third floor of the dorm in which I stayed. My job was simple- maintain order, enforce curfews, safety checks, and act as a peer counselor for the girls in residence there. Since I was somewhat older than most of the students in residence (I had delayed my college days for about four years, choosing instead to work), many of them would come to me for advice and a compassionate ear.

Anyway, that is neither here nor there. My story relates to a completely different matter, a matter involving the nefarious Ouija board, in fact. First of all, let me state that I do not mess with them, and except for a few times as a young girl, never have. Everyone has their personal opinion of the use of the board, and that is , I suppose, how it should be. For me, messing with an Ouija board meant inviting trouble, and I already was facing enough in my life at the time, without inviting more.

One weekend, I was “off duty”, so decided to make a short trip home. While I was gone, my roommate, Becky, and some of her friends (whom I had never met) decided to meet in our dorm room and “play” with an Ouija board. They lit candles, turned off the lights, and gathered around the board. Becky was a spectator, so to speak, for she had refused to work the board. That left the operation of the board to two of her friends. Soon, they made contact with an entity, who called itself some strange, arcane name (I’ve forgotten just what the name was, it’s been a long time). It told the group of girls that it “lived” on campus, and had been there many, many years, long before the college had even been established. There was a lot of other information supplied by the board that I can not recall at the moment, but which led the girls to surmise that whomever they were speaking to was “not a nice guy”. Finally, Becky, who had been asking most of the questions, asked the board if the spirit if there was anyone that it would like to speak to. The board spelled out “yes’, and proceeded to spell the name of a young man living in the next dorm.Then, for some strange reason, she then asked if there was anyone that it refused to speak to. The reply was “yes”, along with the word “afraid”.

“Who are you afraid of?” To Becky’s surprise, since I was not aquatinted with either of the girls operating the board, it spelled out, “Paulette” and “Avis”, another girl that lived on the same floor.

“Why are you afraid of them”, Becky then asked the board.

“They might break my will”, was the response, after which the board refused to respond to any further questions.

When I arrived back at the college the next evening, Becky eagerly told me of her little adventure, and seemed fascinated by the fact that the “spirit” they had spoken to had professed a fear of me. The only explaination I could arrive at, was that the entity speaking through the board knew me, so to speak, and knew that , in being a firmly grounded Christian (not trying to get in a religous debate here), not only would recognize the spirit for what it was, but would know how to deal with it. This is not to say that Christians are the only ones who can deal with entities–it is a matter of faith, no matter what religious following you choose.

I am not what you would call a psychic, and have never shown much of the talent for spiritual awareness (as in being able to communicate with them, as many of you do ) of those gone on before, at least not compared to so many of you on the list. I am, however, adept at sensing what I call Demonic spirits. I can feel their presence, and quite often, through prayer, can distinguish their nature, and intent. I also believe unshakingly that through my faith, I have authority over such spirits, and can, for want of better terminology, “cast them out”. I don’t go looking for such encounters, but feel that I am able to arise to the occasion, if it does occur. I use this story as an example of such an entity’s knowledge of the “real” world and their ability to recognize someone they had best leave alone, and our ability, through our faith, whatever it may be, to take control of the effects of such a being’s presence in our lives. We do not have to be at the mercy of negative forces, and have the authority to overcome the results of the presence of such forces in our lives…

© Paulette Boyd

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