Pallomancy, also known as Radiesthesia, is a form of divination by interpreting the movements of pendulum and is often used in dowsing. Different forms of pallomancy include:

  • Cleidomancy (using a key)
  • Coscinomancy (using a sieve)
  • Dactylomancy (using a ring)


Derived from the Greek pallein ('to sway') and manteia ('prophecy')


The history of pallomancy can be traced back over 5,000 years to the ancient Orient. During those times, the pendulum was the main instrument used for this area of divination aside from wooden rods. This practice became very popular in the Middle Age and was a preferred practice of divination until the early nineteenth century. In 1933, the British Society of Dowsers was formed.


Before the session starts, make sure that your pendulum should be cleansed from previous influences. This can be accomplished by either submersion into salt water, or by permeating it with the smoke of a cleansing botanical such as sage, hyssop, or sweet grass. If you can't find a ready to use incense, use loose incense on charcoal. If you use salt water, leave it submerged for 2 to 3 hours and dry it with a clean towel or paper towel. Hold the pendulum between both of your hands until it is warm, to charge it with your energy.
Next, seat yourself comfortably at a table and start out with simple yes/ no questions.

Hold the pendulum in front of you, so that it has plenty of room to swing above your knees.
To start the divination process, swing the pendulum in a motion away from you and towards you.
You must predetermine the signals that mean Yes and No.

To determine the Yes response – While your pendulum is still swinging in the neutral action, state 'show me my Yes response'. You do not need to say this out loud but make sure you state it clearly in your mind. Now watch the pendulum. It will change direction or change its movement style or it may stop altogether. Whatever movement it makes after you ask for your Yes response is the movement that will be your signal for Yes.

To determine the No response – Swing the pendulum once again in the neutral action. While the pendulum is still swinging in the neutral action, state 'show me my No response'. Watch the pendulum and whatever motion it makes will be your No response.
Repeat the process outlined above until you are confident that you have a predetermined response for Yes and No.
If, after trying a number of times, you are not getting a clear signal from the pendulum for Yes and No, you can decide your signals using your conscious mind. To do this, repeat the exercise as stated above but this time decide on what movement you would like to be your Yes signal and what movement you would like to be your No signal.

To consciously determine your Yes signal, firstly swing the pendulum in the neutral position, then state in your mind, or out loud, 'this will be my Yes signal”. On making this statement, deliberately swing the pendulum in the motion that you have chosen to mean Yes. Do the same thing to determine the No signal. Once you have set your responses, practice swapping between Yes, Neutral, No, Neutral, Yes, etc. Test out the predetermined responses by asking some simple questions and let the pendulum signal the answer.
Like anything new, your divination will improve through practice. Practice helps you to focus your mind and will help you to develop an emotionally detached disposition when divining. Over time you will increase your ability to 'hear' your intuition and improve your general psychic ability.

Pendulum divination helps you to align your intellectual mind with your intuition. It is a simple tool that is easy to use and a great way to increase your psychic development. Tap into your own immense source of knowledge and have some fun in the process. Anyone can divine and a pendulum is a simple and easy method for tapping into the higher realms.