Psychic Vampires

I am here to warn you of a different type of vampire. These vampires do not suck blood or sleep in coffins. These vampires drain you of your mental energies by manipulating your thoughts.

You may still not understand what a Psychic Vampire is, but I must warn you. You may even know a Psychic Vampire without realizing it.

The full definition of a Psychic Vampire is one who uses another to gain something by manipulating you into thinking your there friend.

They may buy you nice gifts and small trinkets of so called affection, but they are no friend of yours. They are trying to buy their way into you mind by making you feel sorry for them or having pity or in some circumstances even protect them.

You may not know it yet, but you may have a so called friend out there feeding off of you by buying your friendship and making you think your their closest friend.

In reality, these Vampires are more devastating than movie Vampires, as these Vampires will dispose of you once your usefulness is gone, causing emotional scars which this is why they are called Psychic Vampires.

They will make you feel depressed, weak and sometimes suicidal. If you discover a Psychic Vampire in your midst's, treat him or her cruelly and with contempt.

Think long and hard, has this person been a true friend to you, or have they been more of a burden as giving you there problems on a silver platter to solve for them.

Ask yourself, who has been there through tough times and fun times and has tried not to burden you with problems or emotional scars which need your healing.

Now you may be deep into thought about your true friends. I have realized it is better to have many enemies and few real friends then have a lot of people call you buddy and feeding off of your mental energy.

Question everyone and trust no one unless you are certain they are real friends. Tell no one everything you do or know that later, they may try to use it against you.

Psychic Vampires look just like you and me. They come from all walks of life and are everywhere in the world. So, as I said, evaluate your so called friends as the Psychic Vampire plague is everywhere.

Psychic Vampires – By Rev. Frederick Nagash

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