Quebec Werewolf

Quebec Werewolf Creature that terrorized the Kamasouraska area in Quebec in the mid-18th century. No description is given of the beast, which might have been a large, marauding wolf. Hunts were organized against it. According to an article in the Quebec Gazette on December 2, 1764:

We learn that a Ware-Wolfe, which has roamed throughout this Province for several Years, and done great Destruction in the District of Quebec, has received several considerable Attacks in the month of October last, by different Animals, which they had armed and incensed against this Monstre; and especially the 3rd of November following, he received such a furious Blow, from a small lean Beast, that it was thought they were entirely delivered from this fatal Animal, as it some Time after retired into its Hole, to the great Satisfaction of the Public. But they have just learn’d, as the most surest Misfortune, that this Beast is not entirely destroyed, but begins again to show itself, more furious than ever, and makes terrible Hovock wherever it goes.—Beware then of the Wiles of this malicious Beast, and take good Care of falling into its Claws.

There is no record how much longer the creature menaced the province, or its ultimate fate.


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