Ritual Mechanics

The act of the ritual is simple and there are two basic types. The two basics are as thus:
1. making a request to a certain spirit or deity, which involves either invoking or evoking the spirit or deity and then outputting the emotion for the request, or
2. sending the energy to the person directly through means of extreme emotional output such as masturbation, self-mutilation, laughter, crying, etc. to influence the person towards the goal. For example, when a ritual requesting something of Lucifer is commited, it is basically sending the emotion you evoke to him to do one of three things: put forth the will of Ab-Zu to make this request come about, call upon legions or specific spirits to carry out the request, or to carry out the request himself.

The main basis and continual factor behind all of this is emotional output. The release of energy by this is essential to the success of the ritual. Emotion, feeling, will… all forms of energy, which is that which makes up your spirit. Within your vessel of flesh lies energy, which is called soul, spirit, chi, ka, feeling, emotion, sentience, etc.; and that is the key to ritual success.

Ritual Mechanics by Rev. Xul

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