Silver in Witchcraft

Silver is the favored metal of contemporary Pagans and Witches for its associations with Goddess, moon Magic, the female principle and the Goddess in winter. Silver reputedly possesses protective powers against negative influences and evil spirits and has been used since ancient times for Amulets. The metal also is said to enhance psychic faculties. Some Witches prefer to wear all silver jewelry; many who wear gold also wear at least one piece of silver at the same time.

Silver, which appears in nature in a pure state and is an excellent conductor of electromagnetic energy, has always been valued in various societies and has long been used for magical and sacred purposes. The ancient Egyptians revered silver more than gold, for silver is not found in Egypt. The god Ra was said to have bones of silver. Egyptians used the metal to make scarabs, rIngs and other objects used in magical spells.

Silver has a long association with the moon. The Incas considered silver to be a divine quality rather than a metal substance. They associated silver with the luster of moonlight and called it the tears of the moon. In alchemy, the symbol of silver is a crescent moon; alchemists called the metal Luna or Diana, after the Roman goddess of the moon. In China, the moon is known as the silver candle and the milky Way is called the silver river.

Silver amulets repel evil spirits from persons, houses and buildings. In the folklore of parts of France, couples who are going to be married encircle themselves in a silver chain in order to avoid being bewitched en route to the church.

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