Survival Research Institute of Canada

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Survival Research Institute of Canada Organization devoted to Survival After Death research. Founded in 1991 and incorporated federally in 2000, the Victoria-based Survival Research Institute of Canada (SRIC) is a registered charitable organization whose purpose is to pursue and promote studies in the field of survival research, which is investigation into whether some part of the human consciousness or personality, commonly referred to as SPIRIT, survives physical death and whether that spirit is able to communicate with the living.

Its officials conduct research into the history of Spiritualism and Psychical Research in Canada (particular areas of study include exploration of the work of a prominent Canadian psychical researcher, Thomas Glendenning Hamilton, and the relationship of spiritualist Table-Tilting phenomena to theories about Psychokinesis); participate in experiments related to evidence of survival after death brought through Mediumship; organize and sponsor educational opportunities on topics relevant to survival research through lectures, discussion groups, and Demonstrations of mediumship; participate in radio and television interviews; give public and academic lectures in Canada and the United States; create and publish research aids; and safeguard archival records of Canadian organizations and individuals relevant to survival research.

SRIC has published six editions of the Directory of Spiritualist Organizations in Canada.

Two of the organization’s founding directors, archivists Debra Barr and Walter Meyer zu Erpen, compiled a book on the history of beliefs about and investigation into life after death and IMMORTALITY.



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The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits – Written by Rosemary Ellen Guiley -September 1, 2007

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