T’ai Shan, Lord Of

T’ai Shan, Lord Of

Emperor of the Eastern Peak



The Lord of T’ai Shan is the presiding spirit of T’ai Shan in Shantung Province, the tallest and most sacred of China’s five sacred Taoist mountains. (There are also four sacred Buddhist Mountains.) He is the landlord even if his daughter, the Lady of T’ai Shan is the most beloved and popular spirit associated with the mountain.

The Lord of T’ai Shan married the Jade Emperor’s sister, now called the Green Jade Mother. The Jade Emperor is his brother-in-law. The Jade Emperor and the Green Jade Mother first emerged on T’ai Shan, from whence they ruled Earth. Eventually, she wed the spirit of the mountain who rose to great prominence. The Lord of T’ai Shan has dominion over life and death. He controls ghosts. After death, souls journey to Mount T’ai. The Lord of T’ai Shan may or may not be the alter ego of the Taoist King of Hell, who governs the eighteen levels of Hell. That may or may not be his face on Bank of Hell spirit money notes.

Day: His birthday on the twenty-eigth day of the third month of the Chinese lunar calendar

Sacred site:

Dai Temple in Tai’an, gateway city to Mount T’ai. The temple is traditionally a pilgrimage stop on the way up the mountain.


Immense candles; excellent wine; rare, expensive incense; silver and gold foil; lavish feasts featuring whole ducks, chickens, geese, goats, and pigs


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