The Kiss – Ghost Story

I’m not going to tell you that I am totally comfortable with the ghost that resides in my home. I accept it, but sometimes, the things that happen give me a chill, and even bring the “fight or flight” instinct to the fore.
But this is not a recounting of one of the more unnerving occurrences that have happened here. Instead, it is an almost comforting one, and one that makes me feel that we, the living here in this house, are accepted by the spirit, as much as we accept him.

About five years ago, my family took a rare vacation. My parents, due to their declining health, did not travel very often, but made the exception when my brother Richard invited my parents and I along on his week vacation at the beach. It was one of the few times that all occupants of the house were gone for any extended period of time.

We were gone for an entire week, and returned home both happy , and tired, around 3 in the afternoon. Since it was Sunday, a quiet day here, we all spent the remainder of the day relaxing and recuperating from the long drive.

I was in my bedroom, lying on the bed, reading. My parents were both downstairs in the family room, watching T.V. Suddenly, I felt the presence of someone in the room with me. Looking up from my book, I glanced toward the doorway, expecting to see my mother there. Except for myself, the room was empty. Just as I lowered my gaze back to my book, I distinctly felt the touch of lips pressed against my cheek in a gentle kiss. A welcome home kiss. I was enveloped in a warm, gentle feeling, and smilingly, returned to my book. The presence was gone, but I knew that our ghost had shown me his pleasure in our return.

© Paulette Boyd

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