The Law

Within this christian world we live nothing effects us more then the law of the weak the law of god. When will these people learn there god will not avenge for them they need to take that upon themselves and unto this make thyself a terror unto your enemies.

Law is not the thing that stops crime but it is the very force in which drives the criminal element to do so. If some one wrongs you and they are sentenced to life in jail your tax paying dollars go to feed and clothe this lackey dog.

If law could be written by me I would say let the family of the victim be the judge of how to punish this being who wronged them. But no this would mean our christian rights would be infringed upon.

I say if some one is convicted of a crime they should lose all legal rights and be punished. If law continues to protect the criminal element all that would be left is a jumbled mass of rotting corpses.

When will we learn that the law of “lex talionis” is the only real law and these christian sympathizers need to be behind those steel bars. If some one ask me what I think of law I would say but three words…“Execute The Bastards!

The Law – By Rev. Frederick Nagash

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