The Moonville Tunnel

Myself, My friend Powder, and six other members of theĀ OES trekked down to Moonville around 7PM, October 19th. Nice and Dark tonight! Perfect drizzly weather to hopefully see some 'new friends' at the tunnel. I personally have never seen 'the lantern,' but I had hoped to. I'd never been when it was so perfectly dreary.

Myself and Powder arrived first, and attempted to record some EVPs as dusk fell. Nothing came up on the tapes except for when Powder remarked “They want to say SOMETHING. How many years has it been?” A faint “Thousands” is heard before I replied with “About a hundred now.” I don't understand 'thousands' but hey, maybe that wasn't one of the ghosts.

Maybe it was something more sinister. Moving on. Once the rest of the crew got there, we checked our gear and headed for the tunnel again. By the time we walked the high-water path, it was dark, and the tunnel was foggy. Digital pictures with flash revealed only what I call “interference orbs”, Water droplets and stuff in the air reflecting and creating the illusion of orbs. The few decent looking Orbs we DID get were bluish and had patterns on them.

I will provide these photos if you like. So, in essence, digital stills were pretty useles throughout this story, though we took them constantly, in case any decent orbs popped up. The OES unpacked their EMF detectors and Infared thermometers while I walked around the darknened tunnel. I have been working on refining the empathic powers that I posess, and I felt very 'on' tonight. So 'on' in fact that within a few minutes, I told one of the OES members to “Check over here.

There's an old man watching you.” He moved his thermometer over to where I said, and the temperature was 7 degrees colder. That isn't where it stopped however. My friend Powder continueed recording for EVPs and searching the tunnel for cold spots. We started hearing the clacking sounds at the ends of the tunnel, that we, as ghost hunters at Moonville were pretty well accustomed to. Powder, however, got scared and started to walk toward the opening of the tunnel.

As he begins to walk away, a VERY clear “Come a little Closer” is heard on the tape. It was one of the clearest, best EVPs I've ever heard. Powder didn't hear anything naturally, and continued his exit of the tunnel. He remarked on the recording. “I gotta get out of here. No way. This isn't for me.” On the tape, a low EVP of “Nobody” is heard following that. Same voice as the “Come a little closer”. Powder eventually rejoins us in the center of the tunnel, near the clown painting.

One of the OES members and I suddenly became aware of a man crouching near the plaque at the end of the tunnel. not SAW the man, but rather KNEW he was there. Some of the other members shone their lights there, and there was no one, but I KNEW he was there, and that HE KNEW WE WERE THERE, which was very odd, since I never felt that at moonville before. I always detected “frozen in time” ghosts, like a recording.

This guy KNEW we were there, and he didn't like me and the other guy knowing that he was there. Myself and the guy started talking about him to the other members, and at the plaque end of the tunnel, a whoosh was heard, like someone with a cape tossing it about. Inspection with flashlight beams revealed nothing, and no one really wanted to get any closer.

I made the remark “He doesn't like that I know he's there.” or something of the like. Suddenly, from that end of the tunnel, the sound of a man jumping down from the wall and running FULLSPEED at us is heard VERY LOUDLY. The two girls whimper as I remark “What the fuck is that?!?” We clicked our lights on and immediately the sound stopped and I felt no more of the crouching mans prescense. We walked to that end of the tunnel as a group and compared what we experienced.

Our stories matched: We ALL heard the man jump in and start running, right after I made the remark about him. It was LOUD as Hell! IF I wasn't there, I probably wouldn't believe it. After gathering some more readings on the EMF reader and infared thermomenter, we retired to our cars and left.

Since the creation of this website, we have received countless stories describing our viewer's encounters with the paranormal. We have selected the best of those stories, and over time, will post them here for all to experience. Grab a candle, turn off the television, and follow us along a trail of terror andĀ unbelievableĀ phenomenon

Thanks to Shane How



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