The Theatre of Magick – Ray Sherwin

The Theatre of Magick - Ray SherwinRay Sherwin is perhaps the most conventional of the Chaos practitioners. Sherwin’s books are written in a calm, analytical style, systematically exploring points of practical concern to the magician. You are not guided into using any fixed paradigms, you effectively use whatever works best for you, mixing and borrowing or inventing new techniques. This level of belief is not what meta-belief is concerned with. Rather, it concerns the level of belief that is attained by the method actor, sometimes referred to in the inverted sense as “suspension of disbelief.”

Practicing Chaos Magick involves the temporary adoption of an obsessive belief system that allows for the possibility of Magick to accomplish specific effects, and then the abandonment of that belief system upon the completion of the work. To do this it is of prime importance that no one particular set of beliefs is ever accepted as being ultimately true. “Nothing is true; everything is permitted!”

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The Theatre of Magick - Ray Sherwin

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