Training the Mind

To properly perform any Magickal practice, you must first develop the mind and will or “true will” to be strong. Written here is a study guide for the beginner. It will include the texts of training, as well as when to train in the differant techniques. You MUST follow the training regimen to the best of your abilities. When you have accomplished your tasks, you may move on to the basic rituals, but NOT before!! First:Void medition is a very good way to train the mind. Sit in a completely dark room with only one candle lit. Stare at the candle and use controlled breathing to slow it down. Think of nothing but a void and do not move the slightest bit. Do this everyday 2 to 3 times a day for no less then 30 minutes. Once you can do this for 2 hours, move on to the next method. Second:Dream control is a good advanced method of training. Everytime you wake

up, quickly jot down what you remember from your dream. After around 2 weeks when your getting ready to go to sleep, say in your mind Zorabia, until your on the dream plane. This is called “implanting a thought on the plane of dreams”. Once you can successfully implant the thought, move on to the next method. Third:The fire aura ia a great way to develop “Chi” (Chinese for internal energies). First, slow down your breathing. Then, invision an aura of fire around your body. Now hold your hands one above the other in front of you. See and feel the aura fill your hands and concentrate on it. Feel the heat between your hand. Motion your hands circular to form a ball of fire. Then, when you feel comfortable, push the fire aura into your chest and absorb the energies! You will do this 1 time every week. Fourth:Habit formation is another good training method. Choose a strange habit (Non-Harming) such as having a friend choose a number between 1 and 5 and do something that many times for a month. After a month lessen the number down until you are through with it, Then do it again differently!!!

Training the Mind – By Rev. Frederick Nagash



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