Umm Es Subyan

King Solomon summoned a parade of harmful, malignant spirits to appear before him and reveal their identities. He also demanded that they reveal who or what was the antidote to the harm they caused. Among the spirits who appeared to him was one who identified herself ominously and solely as the “Mother of Sons”, the literal translation of the Arabic Umm es Subyan, also sometimes translated as “Mother of Children.”

Umm es Subyan has dominion over people and their possessions. She becomes intensely fixated and jealous of women, striking out at them by causing their children to die. (She’s called the child witch because of what she does to children, not because she is a child.)

• Umm es Subyan causes infertility, impotence, miscarriage, and stillbirth.

• She kills children.

• She destroys property, careers, harvests, and financial well-being.

Solomon forced her to reveal a device that would protect against her. She promised to avoid harming anyone carrying the amulet known as the Seven Covenants of Solomon and never to go near the amulet. Needless to say, the Seven Covenants of Solomon was once an extremely popular amulet, fairly ubiquitous in the Middle East, Ethiopia, and North Africa. The amulet was hung from children’s necks, hung over cradles, and carried by men and women alike.

The standard Seven Covenants of Solomon amulet is a lithographed strip of paper, four inches wide and seventy-nine inches long. The text is heavily Islamic: it invokes the protection of God, the four archangels, the Prophet and also recounts the story of Solomon and Umm es Subyan (reminding her of her vow, just in case she forgot). The scroll is rolled up tightly, tied, and placed into a leather or silver amulet case.


Umm es Subyan appeared to Solomon in the form of an old, scrawny, blue-eyed woman with disheveled hair and a uni-brow. Flames emerged from her gaping mouth. She has clawed hands and a voice loud enough to fell trees. She doesn’t usually reveal herself full force but told Solomon that she usually signals her presence via the sound of animal noises heard where they shouldn’t be. The sound isheard, but the appropriate animal is nowhere near. She barks, meows, hisses, neighs, and so forth. Umm es Subyan has a seemingly unlimited repertoire of sounds.

Umm Es Subyan – The Child Witch

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