The Value of Baphomet

The Value of Baphomet

It is widely believed throughout the occult and Satanic community that the Baphomet was an idol who was worshipped by the Order of Knights Templar.

This militaristic group was founded in 1119 c.e. to protect Christians from Arab attack while they made pilgrimages to the Holy Land.

They also proved to be very successful in business, ranging from banking to building. From this, they accumulated great wealth. This order grew and grew, through the generations, until its wealth and power began to be greater then the Catholic Church, and many other rulers of the day.

At this point, rumors began to break out that the order had turned toward the Left Hand Path. Initiates were rumored to have engaged in many blasphemies, including trampling on the cross, renouncing Jesus, and submitting to homosexual acts with other knights.

The knights were said to have worshipped a pagan god, known as Baphomet, a creature with the head of a goat. In the early fourteenth century, Philippe IV, the king of France, realized that he could use these stories to get a hold of the Knights Templars' assets and wealth.

The king was growing poor, and needed a way to replenish his wealth. He had already expelled the Jews and taken all their property, and it was the Knights Templars' turn to be renounced and executed, leaving their wealth to the king.

The king relayed Pope Clement V all the rumors that he had heard about the order's blasphemies. The Pope quickly gave the king papal permission to take action against the order. Philippe wasted no time. He quickly devised a plan to capture many of the higher ranking members of the order.

On October 13, 1307 (The historical origin of Friday the 13th), the king invited Jacques de Molay and his knights to attend a knight of entertainment and feasting. When the knights showed up, they were arrested. Over the following years, they were tortured and interrogated until they confessed to the blasphemies that they were accused of. They were then burned to death. The persecution of the Templars continued, directed by the papal decree, throughout the Christian controlled lands.

The knights were rounded up in city after city and executed after been tortured into a confession. Their wealth were divided by the kings and clergy. Whether the Catholic Church or the king of France started the circulation of the rumors is uncertain.

It would not be surprising if they did, however. The made-up god that the Templars were accused of worshipping, “Baphomet”, probably came from a corrupt translation of “Mohammed”, the Arab prophet and founder of the Muslim religion.

To use or wear the Baphomet is more of a symbol of rejection, rather then a sign of faith. To wear a Baphomet medallion around your neck in modern time is a symbolic way of saying, “You have killed many in the name of 'righteousness', but we know the truth! So you can take your cross and shove it up your ass! You are all hypocrites and liars. History has proven it!”

In intellectual terms, the Baphomet is a more extreme version of Christian rejection in comparison to any kind of cross desecration due to the tragic story that accompanies it.
By Vaalpus 



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