Weaver, Kelly

Kelly Weaver (1960– ) Psychic Medium and cofounder with husband John D. Weaver of the Spirit Society of Pennsylvania. Kelly Weaver specializes in Angel readings, past-life readings, and After-Death Communications. In the field of Paranormal Investigation, she and John work with investigators at haunted sites and conduct their own investigations. In addition, Weaver has worked on crime cases with law enforcement agencies around the United States.


Weaver was born Kelly Dibeler in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, the first of two girls, and was raised in a haunted house built in 1829. Her psychic and mediumistic abilities manifested early in life, distinguishing her from other members of her family. Her maternal great-grandmother may have had similar abilities, but it was never discussed within the family.

By age five, Weaver could “see air,” that is, the colours of the aura around living things. A voice of a SPIRIT GUIDE spoke to her as though emanating from the moon. Weaver and her sister, Lisa, four years younger, saw Poltergeist phenomena at the house and the Ghost of a man in a top hat, as well as other ghosts. In her teens, Weaver had a bedroom alone in the attic of the house. The five closet doors opened and shut by themselves and disembodied voices spoke to her.

She graduated from high school in Hummelstown in 1978 and enrolled in the York Academy of Art the following year. She studied photography and commercial art and visual merchandising, graduating in 1981.

Weaver met her first husband, Ken, to whom she was married from 1982 to 1988. The couple lived in different cities in Pennsylvania. After their divorce, Weaver returned to Hummelstown. In 1989, she met John Weaver, an art director in an electronics firm. They married in 1991 and moved to Camp Hill where they presently live.

Weaver kept her psychic ability to herself until she left home and entered art school. She found that she naturally knew what other people were thinking and could accurately see events in the future. She and John shared mutual interests in the paranormal. In 1996, they founded the Capital Ghost Forum for people interested in ghosts and who lived in haunted homes. Seven people joined. The group grew quickly and by 2006 had more than 100 members. In 2001, the Weavers changed the name to the Spirit Society of Pennsylvania to refl ect the broad interests of members. The society publishes a monthly newsletter in hard copy and electronic format. Other activities include ghost tours, dinners at haunted restaurants, investigations, monthly meetings, and occasional special events.

In 1997, Weaver quit her job to form her own business enterprise. She had worked in a Christian-oriented company where her psychic gifts were viewed with suspicion— when others found out, someone came and prayed at her desk for her. Weaver formed Kelly’s Magical Garden, through which she offers classes, readings, and sells her own aroMatherapy blends.

Weaver lectures and makes numerous media appearances, including programs such as MTV’s Fear (2001), A Haunting (2006), and various documentaries, including The Pennsylvania Ghost Project (1999). She has been featured in books and articles, among them Coast to Coast Ghosts by Leslie Rule. She is a regional investigator for the American Ghost Society. From 1998 to 2000, the Weavers produced an Internet radio show, Visions from the Other Side.

Paranormal Views, Experiences, and Works

Weaver is highly clairaudient—she hears the voices of spirits and the dead—and she receives mental visual impressions. She also experiences paranormal Smells. Spirits and the dead communicate and converse with her through the mental impressions of voices and images.

Weaver’s psychic work is aided by a spirit contact (see Control), Annabelle, who arrived in 1999 while Weaver was attending a Mediumship conference in Philadelphia. During a raging thunderstorm, Weaver felt the presence of a woman behind her as she went to her room. Annabelle gave Weaver verifiable information. Weaver was tested for accuracy by Walter Meyer zu Erpen, founder and president of the SURVIVAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF CANADA, who also was in attendance at the conference.

Annabelle is a tall, slender woman with brown hair that she wears pulled back in Victorian fashion. She is dressed in a Victorian gown of deep blue satin. She is always accompanied by a small, fl uffy, white dog. As Weaver’s spirit contact, Annabelle organizes messages and controls access to Weaver for the dead and other spirits.

Sometimes when Weaver sits in her sunroom at home, she summons Annabelle; when she arrives, she sends her spirit dog out into the yard to play with the Weavers’ own dog, Teddy Bear. Annabelle’s appearance is accompanied by physical phenomena, such as Rapping within the walls of the room. Her voice has appeared on Electronic Voice Phenomena recordings.

Weaver believes in Reincarnation and does Spirit Releasement work. She has released stuck souls from different kinds of places, including haunted battlefields. Many ghosts besides those who died in fighting are attracted to battlefields, she says, and thus it is unlikely that battlefields can ever be cleared completely. Releasement does not work unless a soul is ready to go.

Weaver has experienced the dark side of the spirit world. She describes one of her first investigations as a house haunted by pure evil. Renters never stayed long. The house had been built on sacred Indian burial ground and had a violent history as a speakeasy during Prohibition; at least one murder had taken place there. Occupants felt ill and suffered poltergeist phenomena and were pushed down the stairs. A priest was summoned, but the holy water he sprinkled on the stairs turned bloodred. Both Kelly and John became ill inside the house. The entire street where the house was located had strange Haunting activity.

Weaver’s books include Whispers in the Attic: Living with the Dead (2004), an autobiographical account of her psychic development and experiences coauthored with John, and Visions of the Other Side (2007), featuring some of her most notable investigations.



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The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits– Written by Rosemary Ellen Guiley – September 1, 2007

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