What is Demonology

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]emonology is the study of Demons. This entails many aspects, in which research is essential. The more resources one has, the more you can learn.

However, reading books is not the only way to learn. When using book references about Demons, you must remember that the attributes of the Demon, can and will vary.

Each author had different experiences with them, and notated these experiences. Each Demon does many things, not just one thing in particular.

When researching various Demons, there are a few books that immediately come to mind with most people are “The Keys of Solomon”  the King” and “The Goetia: The Lesser Keys of Solomon the King”.

These can be good references, but they are not the only ones. Remember, there are many religions out there that have their own pantheons.

A lot of people tend to ignore these other groups because they are still blinded by the xtian ethic of what a Demon is.

Demonology is the study of Demons; that means all Demons, no matter where they come from. To further one's study of Demons, and their nature, is to work with them. Granted, various texts give detailed information about these Demons, but the only way to truly know is to work with them yourself.

Demons have been around longer than xtianity. The Sumerians even had Demons and they predate xtianity by at least 4000 years.
What is Demonology? By Rev. Satrinah Nagash

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