What is Reality

What is Reality

Church of Lucifer, Occult World



By Rev. Frederick Nagash ( Church of Lucifer )

Truly, what is reality?

Some may think that I'm crazy for asking this question, other may think I'm philosophical. But anyhow, it is a question which I have asked myself many times.

The term reality can be defined in many ways some say it is the real world others say it is the true Hell, but in any case no one really knows.

Through all the thinking and studying I have arrived at the notion that no one will truly know what or where reality is.

For instance, what we call reality could simply be another's dream. I have dreamt of other places and they have seemed real enough!

Not one single Occult or Christian scientist or philosopher can truthfully tell you what the true reality is or in that fact where it is.

Here is an instance: Once I had a dream that someone very close to me died, I woke up and was actually crying but found that person did not die.

In this instance it proves my point, if we can dream such horrors and hardships could we not be another's dream?

There are other places outside of this plane called Reality such as the Astral plane which one could travel to from this plane, so is it not possible that there are other realities that other people believe to be real, and that they could be right?



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