Wicca the Weak Religion

The philosophy or Religion, as it should be called of Wicca, is just as weak if not weaker then Christianity.

They claim to be against religion. But, in the very sense of the word they are just organized Religion With female Gods.

Their altruistic Christian attitude is just as idiotic as their Goddesses.

Why is it I see so few men in Wicca?

For the simple fact Men are looked down upon by these Feminist and often Sadistical Wiccans, and most of the men in Wicca are Homosexual anyway.

They are accepted in Wicca only because they accept a strong feminine-like posture on life.

To me, a Wiccan is nothing more than a forest fairy that sits in the woods and worships an impotent Goddess while bashing their male counter-parts.

I class the Wiccans as low as Christianity because they place their spiritual nonsense above the real world.

They have no real concept of what reality is and cannot deal with the fear of dying.

These Christian Wiccans need to wake up.

They're not against religion, they are religion, and it is them that need to wake up from their spiritualist bullshit.

I have spoken with a lot of these Wiccans. I have listened to their nonsense, then tried to explain Satanism to them, but it seems they think they know what Satanism is better then a Satanist (They are wrong).

They are against Christianity but they believe what the Christians tell them about the Satanist (They are Christianity).

I say they need to stop condemning the Satanist. We were not the ones who took their heritage and perverted it, and we are not the ones who burned them for being what they are, Christianity is!!!!!

So I say, we, as Satanists need to view Wiccans as Christians, not even as an occult theology.

You figure both spout Ignorance, both so called “Love everyone”, both believe highly in their spiritualism over the natural being, and both worship Gods and Goddesses!

Sounds like the perfect match to me!

They both also believe in a Heaven like afterlife, so why not call your self what you are Wiccans, “Christians”?

Wicca the Weak Religion – By Rev. Frederick Nagash



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