Wiccans Are More Dangerous Than Christians

I always thought (as most brothers and sisters do) Xtianity is the most dangerous Religion for the Satanic Community, but I was wrong. It's Wicca!!

You may ask why, how could it be that this few weak FemeDoms out there will be more dangerous to us than the big amount of Xtian's telling lies about Satanism?

Short answer: They are Fanatics!

Long answer: I've talked to many people in my Satanic life, including Saturn People, Pagans, Celtics, Thelema and many more.

They all didn't know what Satanism is, so I explained them and they said: „That's Satanism? I didn't know that, it's not my way of Life, but it's Cool!” And whenever I talked to Xtian People they where scared about me (love that 😉 ), and after starting to explain what Satanism is in Reality they became great listeners which accept my way of life, they still don't like the word „Satanism” but they accept what I am.

But when it comes to talking to Wiccan's I can't explain what Satanism is, they knew it better than me, they call me liar, because Satanism can't be that way. So I asked: „Why?” and they said: „We KNOW, we Know everything”.

I tried to explain them how my Magic works, and they said: „You can't be a Magickian, you don't use a Circle!”, and I said: „I don't need a Circle”.

After that they replied: „Your magic doesn't work, We KNOW, we Know everything”.

I tried to get them at their assess and asked them: „You said you don't harm anyone (anything), right? But you use the energy of the elements without asking them if they want to give it to you, you harm them in that way, don't you?”

They replied: „ We don't need to ask, they want give us their energy, We KNOW, we Know everything, we don't harm them!”.

At least I said: „But you harm me, if you're telling lies about me and my Religion!” „We don't harm you, cause you are the liar, what we say is the truth, the only truth, we KNOW, we Know all about you, we Know everything!” they answered in their self-righteous, narrow-minded way.

And that's the fact that makes them more dangerous then Xtians, you can talk to most people out their with various belief systems and they will listen to you. OK there are fanatics in each religion, but in Wicca there are only fanatics, they lie to themselves to feel „Good” and say that all others are wrong.

And if all other Religions will be gone Wiccan's will still state that we are child molesters and killers, and if Xtian's will accept us as what we are Wiccan's will still state that we rape thousands of Women each year, that makes them dangerous, cause most people out there would belief their lies. Even Xtians can change their mind, Wiccan's can't, cause „They KNOW, they Know everything.

Wiccans Are More Dangerous Than Christians – By Deacon Vorphalack

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