The Lake Monster of Lake Winnipegosis, Manitoba, Canada, is called Winnipogo. It is described as serpentine and usually over twenty feet long. Sightings have been investigated by the University of Manitoba’s Dr. James McLeod. In the 1930s, an unusual bone, apparently a huge spinal vertebra, was found by Oscar Frederickson on the shore of this lake, but was later lost in a fire. A wooden copy of the bone was shown to McLeod, who was surprised to see that it resembled the vertebra of a whalelike animal extinct for 4 million years. The Loch Ness Monsters investigator Roy Mackal finds the reports worthy of serious consideration based on his conversation with McLeod and his examination of the sightings evidence.


The Encyclopedia of Loch Monsters,Sasquatch, Chupacabras, and Other Authentic Mysteries of Nature
Written by Loren Coleman and Jerome Clark – Copyright 1999 Loren Coleman and Jerome Clark