Wisdom of the Tarot – Elisabeth Haich

Wisdom of the Tarot - Elisabeth HaichThis book relates the path to higher consciousness through the colour, shape, and symbolic forms on the twenty-two Tarot cards. Detailed study and meditation of each card may release internally all that is involved with each level encountered on the journey towards the Light. These cards may be used in conjunction with the text or separately for meditation. When studied individually, a card can reveal the necessary steps that need to be taken to actualise one’s potential. Tarot cards, or symbolic representations of the truth have always been used to help man relate not only with the mind, but internally, through the feelings invoked by the colours and forms.The nature of these cards is that they can produce a strong awakening of one’s unconscious forces. They are like a spiritual mirror in which we can recognise and examine ourselves. We can then understand that the reasons for our fate lie within ourselves, and changes by the mere fact that we begin to react differently to everything that happens to us. These cards with the text are a valuable key to understand our present state, our past and in a deeper sense, how we create our future. Included in the book are 22 pages of five-colour tarot illustrations.

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Wisdom of the Tarot by Elisabeth Haich


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