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Zepar - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

The Demon Zepar is a Fallen Angel and 16th of the 72 Spirits of Solomon. Zepar is a duke who appears wearing red clothing and armed as a soldier. He makes women love men and can transform them into other shapes until they have been enjoyed by their lovers.

Alternately, he makes women barren.

He commands 26 Legions of Demons in Hell.

Zepar - Demon and Spirit of Solomon
Step by Step Instructions on How to Summon Zepar to make someone LOVE YOU ! :


Zepar - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

From “The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon the King” (1904) Written by S.L. MacGregor Mathers

He is a Great Duke, and appeareth in Red Apparel and Armour, like a Soldier. His office is to cause Women to love Men, and to bring them together in love. He also maketh them barren.

He governeth 26 Legions of Inferior Spirits, and his Seal is this, which he obeyeth when he seeth it.

The Seal of Zepar
The Seal of Zepar

Zepar - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

From the “Pseudomonarchia Daemonum” ( 1583 ) Written by Johann Weyer (Johann Wier)

Zepar is a great duke, appearing as a souldier, inflaming women with the loove of men, and when he is bidden he changeth their shape, untill they maie enjoie their beloved, he also maketh them barren, and six and twentie legions are at his obeie and commandement.

Original Text :Zepar Dux magnus, apparens uti miles, inflammansque virorum amore mulieres, and quando ipsi jussum fuerit, earum formam in aliam transmutat, donec dilectis suis fruantur. Steriles quoque eas facit. Vigintisex huic parent legiones.

Zepar - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

From the “Dictionnaire Infernal” (edition of 1863 ) Written by Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de Plancy

Zépar, grand-duc de l’empire infernal, qui pourrait bien être le même que Vépar ou Sépar. Néanmoins, sous ce nom de Zépar, il a la forme d’un guerrier. Il pousse les hommes aux passions infâmes. Vingt-huit légions lui obéissent.

Zepar - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

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Zepar - Demon and Spirit of Solomon

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