Do You Have a Guardian Angel?

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Do You Have a Guardian Angel?

Guardian Angels are thought to be spiritual beings that are “assigned” to assist people here on Earth in various ways. Whether there is one angel per person, one angel for several person or several angels for one person is open to question. But whether you believe in them or not, or whether you want one or not, believers insist that you do have a guardian angel.

What is their assignment?

According to “Encounters of the Angelic Kind” at Future365 (now defunct), “they intercept at many junctures in our lives and help wherever they can to make our lives run smoothly. Sometimes this is by inspiring a thought to spur us into action, at others it is to lend us super-human strength, such as in the case of a woman being able to lift a car long enough to free her trapped child. Or we hear of a runaway truck, with an unconscious driver at the wheel, inexplicably swerving sharply at the last moment to avoid a bus stop queue of people. In fact, there are many instances, which are often put down to luck, coincidence or even a miracle, but which have the touch of a hand of light behind it.”

So why don’t angels come to a person’s aid every time it’s asked for? Sometimes, the article contends, “angels must stand back, whilst giving loving support only, as we work things out for ourselves – these are the times when we feel alone, the dark before dawn.”

Do You Have a Guardian Angel?

Many believe that these supernatural beings watch over us and can also come to our spiritual – and even physical aid – in times of great need. Can you call on your guardian angel at will?

“When I was eight months pregnant with my daughter, I was so tired and disappointed in my two-year-old son. His behavior was different than other kids. Later on, at four years, he was diagnosed with A.D.H.D. with neurological impairedness and defiant behavior, but back then I did not know what was wrong with him.

I was so scared that my other child will be the same way. I was so tired because my son hardly ever slept at night, and I had a husband I could not count on. I felt like a failure. At around 7 a.m., I heard a knocking at the door, too early for anybody to visit. I got up, but my door was opening already. I got scared because the only two people with keys were my then-husband and the landlord.

My husband was working and my landlord would not dare do that. But who did I see? My grandfather walking up the stairs smiling. I screamed in happiness. “How did you make the trip?” I asked. “Who brought you here? Why didn’t you call me?” The last I knew, my grandfather was sick in bed and that was some days before. He then told me that he came to visit me for a moment. I was upset at that. He then asked, “Where is your son?” I told him he was finally sleep. I told him how I felt so alone and disappointed at motherhood, and scared. He stopped me and with a hug and told me to make me some coffee.

He told me, “Now it’s time for me to leave. I came to bless your son and it is done.” When I went to bed, he tucked me in and looked at me with so much love, and then he said, “You will have a girl and she will be fine, and you will be fine.” I smiled and then he said, “Come and give me a hug. I love you so much.” I did, but then I noticed I was hugging the air. Nobody was with me. My first thought was that my grandpa passed away and I called my grandma. Crying, I told grandma what happened, but she kept insisting grandpa was alive and fine. I asked her to check on him. She even put him on the phone. Who came to visit me that morning? Why did he look like grandpa?”

Numerous books and various websites on the subject of angels are full of anecdotes like this, and many even more incredible. Do guardian angels exist? Do they sometimes come to the aid and comfort of humans in need? Why do they appear to and help some people and not others? Do you have a guardian angel? If so, how can you find out? And how can you contact yours?

A recent poll published in Time magazine revealed that 69 percent of Americans believe in angels, and 46 percent of that group believe they have a personal guardian angel. There is no scientific evidence for angels, of course. The only “evidence” we have for their existence is the long religious tradition, stories from the Bible and the many anecdotes, like the one above, from people who believe these spiritual beings have affected their lives. Ultimately, angels are most often a matter of faith, and many believers have offered their opinions on what a guardian angel’s role can be in a person’s life and even how you can enlist their help.

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