An Acheri is in Indian lore, the ghost of a little girl who brings disease, especially to children. The ghost lives on mountaintops and comes into valleys during the night for revelry and to spread disease by casting its shadow over victims. Children are protected from the acheri with Amulets of red thread tied around their necks. Similarly, in European lore, red charms protect against bewitchment and harm from evil spirits and witches.


The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits– Written by Rosemary Ellen Guiley – September 1, 2007

Acheri are deadly disease spirits who manifest in the most innocuous of forms: as little girls. They may be ghosts of small girls felled by disease or merely spirits who consistently take this form. The Acheri lives amid mountain peaks but descends to human habitations at night. She preys on those her own size: if she casts her shadow over children, they become fatally ill. The Acheri will not harm those who wear the colour red. Tie a scarlet thread or ribbon around a child’s wrist for protection.