An “Acheri” is a mythological creature from Indian folklore, particularly in the indigenous beliefs of various tribes in the Himalayan region, such as the Khasi and Garo people. The Acheri is often described as a ghostly or supernatural entity, typically taking the form of a young girl, usually a child between the ages of 7 and 10. This spectral entity is believed to have the power to bring illness and death to people, particularly young children. She preys on those her own size: if she casts her shadow over children, they become fatally ill.

Children are protected from the acheri with Amulets of red thread tied around their necks. The Acheri will not harm those who wear the colour red. Tie a scarlet thread or ribbon around a child’s wrist for protection. Similarly, in European lore, red charms protect against bewitchment and harm from evil spirits and witches.

Here are some key characteristics and beliefs associated with the Acheri:


Acheris are usually described as pale, with long black hair that covers their faces, concealing their eyes. This is often similar to the appearance of a young girl suffering from an illness.

Malign Intent:

Acheris are considered malevolent beings. They are believed to descend from the mountains at night and roam around villages, casting their malevolent influence. Their touch or gaze is thought to bring sickness and misfortune.


To protect against the Acheri, various talismans, rituals, and amulets are used in the regions where the belief is prevalent. This includes wearing protective charms, reciting specific prayers, or following certain rituals to ward off the Acheri’s influence.



The origin of the Acheri myth varies among different tribes, but it is generally linked to the belief in the spirits of deceased children who have not yet crossed over to the afterlife.

It’s important to note that belief in the Acheri is part of the rich tapestry of folklore and mythology in the Himalayan region, and these legends can vary from one community to another. While the Acheri is not a widely recognized myth outside of these regions, it continues to play a significant role in the cultural and supernatural beliefs of the people who uphold these traditions.


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